Attracting attention is the key to a premium price – here’s how we create a winning marketing campaign

If you want a premium price for your property, you need to get attention. More attention means more interest, and more interest means more in your pocket. Good marketing pays off.

Create desire. It’s the oldest truth in marketing. When someone is motivated by want rather than a need, they’ll often be prepared to pay for it. And if other people want it too, the price goes up. Creating desire in the real estate business is all about making your property stand out from the rest. It has to be the listing that leaps off the page as buyers scroll through dozens of properties on real estate apps and websites. Let’s break down the ingredients that go into a winning marketing campaign, one that gets maximum exposure and puts you in a position to achieve a premium price.


This is arguably the most basic – yet critical – piece of marketing material. The photos support all the marketing channels, from signage to online listings to newsletters and brochures. To make an impression, these rely on high-quality photography. It’s all about the details, which is why we oversee every element of the photoshoot and personally attend the session. People miss so many things, such as distracting furniture or plants, where cars are parked, the time of day for the best light, different angles that highlight property features, just to name a few. There are so many things we see that make our photos hit the sweet spot. We work with the best people, and they know our expectations.

Photography should cover the exterior in the best lighting, the interior, and drone photos to show off the location. Drone photos are no longer a luxury; they’re must-haves that help buyers get a feel for the area and see where it is in relation to things like the beach or the escarpment. That beautiful blue water just a couple of blocks from the beach? Now we’re creating desire. Those photos are used on all the collateral, digital, print and signboards. They are an investment in your entire marketing campaign and not to be neglected or skimped on.


In the modern era, video is king. While photos are critical, people using social media platforms will watch a video over reading an article, and videos retain attention. They also allow us to market your content on social media platforms and not rely only on real estate portals. A good video gives the viewer the essential information and tells a story of the property. It takes you on a journey where you understand the location and the features, and makes you feel like you’re there in person. Its job isn’t just to look slick; a great video is about making buyers feel like they know the property and stirs their interest in it. As with photos, drone videos help the buyer understand the property and its surroundings from another angle. We work with videographers who capture all the elements and wrap them up in a compelling story about the property.

Outdoor marketing

Even in the digital world, traditional methods are still critical pieces of the marketing campaign. Let’s start with the basics of signboards at the property. This isn’t just a sign with for sale on it. We’re talking about attention-grabbing boards that show high-quality photos of the property, particularly the interior, to give people a sneak peek at what’s inside. We also use lightboards where we can so that even at night, the signage grabs attention.

Of course, we want people to stop and look, but the real key is psychology. A person is looking at properties online, and maybe a few, including yours, stand out. They drive past, see the photos on the signage, the branding, and instantly make a connection: “that’s the place I saw online”. They retain that visual information, and next time they are searching online, your property stands out in their mind. It works the same way in reverse. It’s all about memory recall.


The digital campaign is where the media mix attracts people and gives us the power to target buyers. Let’s start with the online listings. This should have high-quality photography, video, a floor plan, site plans (if applicable), and for some properties, a downloadable brochure. These elements aren’t ad hoc. They each help tell a compelling story about the property that makes them want to call the agent and book an inspection. Online listings should cover the major real estate portals as well as our website. Then there’s the advertising component.

Social media platforms allow us to create an integrated campaign, where the photos and videos are crafted into powerful ads. With social media, we can target buyers based on where they live, their search history, interests and more, meaning that we are going to the people who more likely to be interested in your property than others. Add to this the newsletters to our databases, targeting buyers we know would be interested, and we’re conducting a proactive campaign. We’re not wasting time hoping for someone to come along.

An investment in your sale

The take-home message from this is that maximum exposure is about a well-planned and executed campaign that shows the property at its best, attracts and targets prospective buyers, who have their interest and desire stirred. The more people we reach, the more interest we create, which means more people competing for the home. And that means more dollars in your pocket, and the investment in marketing pays for itself.