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Buying a home, whether it’s your first home, a family home, or adding to your investment portfolio, is a landmark moment. Even if you’re a seasoned buyer, having the right information and understanding the buying process could save you thousands of dollars. More importantly, it means securing your dream home, the property you desire, rather than missing out. Let us help you start the next chapter of your life.


Learn how to find your dream home (and buy it).

From the media hype about the ups and downs of the property market to trawling through countless listings only to discover you’ve just missed out, the search for your dream home can feel overwhelming. When you’re searching for a home in the Illawarra, local knowledge is key. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you make one of the biggest decisions in your life and come out the other side with a smile on your face.

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Learn about the Illawarra property market
Learn how to find your dream home (and buy it).

You’ve found it. Your next moves are critical.

The question on your lips is ‘when can we move in’, but before you rush in with an offer, there are a few checks and balances to put in place to make sure the property lives up to your dreams. We’ll help you learn how to be ready to pounce when you enter the market and help you avoid the disappointment of missing out. 

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You’ve found it. Your next moves are critical.

Start your property journey with these simple steps and guides

  1. Money matters

    The first step in buying a home is knowing your budget and how much you can borrow. Contact a mortgage broker, they a typically faster and work with multiple lenders to help you get a better rate on your home loan.

  2. Nail down your buying requirements to narrow your search

    Write down a list of specific requirements for your next home. Then set up laser-targeted property searches and alerts, so you use your precious time looking at homes that suit your needs. 

  3. Securing your dream home

    Your preparation has paid off and you’ve found the home you’ve been looking for, but how do you make it yours? How does the offer process work for a private treaty sale? How do I bid at auction? Our guide will help demystify the process.

  4. Settling into your new home

    Congratulations, you’re nearly there. Learn what happens between the exchange of contracts and settlement, and getting the keys for your new home.