Came Out to Meet Me During His Holiday

On behalf of my elderly parents, I had to sell their house quickly as they had entered nursing homes and money was required to pay dad’s deposit. I contacted John because he had impressed my mother when giving a valuation some years earlier. He was on holidays, but in the local area, and came straight away. During his holidays he organised the advertising, signage and contacted prospective buyers, and our house was open for the first selling weekend of the year. About eight couples saw the house on that day, we got an offer within two days and the house was sold three days after the open house, for considerably more than we had expected. And an early settlement was agreed, which meant we could pay the nursing home deposit in time. John had a brilliant knowledge of the market and buyers. He kept me informed every step of the way so that the whole process was smooth and not stressful. He also kept in touch with my parents so they felt included. As I was packing up, clearing out and cleaning a house with 50 years of possessions, it meant a lot to me to have that kind of peace of mind. John made everything easy and certainly demonstrated how right I was to have confidence in him. If I have another Wollongong property to sell I’d go straight to John.