I will be always grateful to John

I am ecstatic with my purchase and with the dedication and enthusiasm of John through the process. When you find the house that ticks all the boxes you know it’s the one for you and the pressure that I was under to exchange contracts was at a time when I lost my dad… I will be always grateful to John for being a part of this process. He showed professionalism, enthusiasm tirelessly and has even, after purchase, continued to be motivated to always given great customer service. I will probably never forget what he said to me on the phone the day he rang….’well Michelle I have some bad news for you, I’ve just had to tell the other buyers that they didn’t get the house’… I felt I had won the lottery and of course it was just as good, as I have a house I can make my own, I could afford and was big enough for my family. Thank you, John, your job is demanding but what a great job, to be able to help people, create the environment that they live in everyday and help them achieve that. Well done and good luck with your future work, you do make a difference.