Five property presentation tips to help maximise your sale price

Thinking of listing your house on the market? There are a few simple but often overlooked steps you can take to ensure your home is set up for success (and your wallet too).

First impressions are key. To stand out from the rest, you need to keep the buyer’s interests at heart when optimising your property for the market. Our years of experience and eye for detail can help you learn about the key aspects of presenting your property that will impact how quickly you sell, and the price you get. So, what are buyers looking for?

Street appeal

An inviting entrance will give a good first impression and entice buyers to come in and inspect further. It gives the idea that the rest of the property is maintained and well looked after. You might consider tidying the front garden, trimming overgrown plants, adding new mulch, or planting colourful flowers. Keeping the lawn neat and clearing out the gutters are must-do items.


You don’t need to channel your inner Marie Kondo, but you need the property to spark joy in prospective buyers. And it’s the interior that can win buyers over (or lose them). Ensure that you’re allowing them to imagine how they will fill the space themselves. Remove personal items like ornaments, piles of paper or bedside books. Remove any extra furniture to make the spaces look bigger. Opening the windows can also maximise the feeling of space, give the space a neutral smell, and provide natural lighting. All of which makes the place feel homely, but not like someone else’s home.

Clean up

This is a good chance to do a spring clean in those often-forgotten places. Cleanliness can make a big difference in your sale price. People really struggle to see past stains, marks, tears, and so on. Clear out the insides of cupboards and wipe down the shelves, dust the insides of drawers and storage areas. Ensure things like lights, blinds, and stairs are all functional, clean, and safe. Once cleaned, you might consider adding neutral items like fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen for that finishing touch.

Time of Inspection

Anyone who frequents the beach at dawn will rave about how magical it is with the golden light and calmer breezes. The point is, they choose to go at dawn because that’s when for many people, the beach is at its best. The same can be said for choosing an open house time that makes difference in buyers’ first impressions. Try to coordinate this at times that will present your property in the best way. For example, if your home receives natural light, opt for a day viewing. If you choose to show the space at night, make sure to turn all lights on and open the blinds to make the space inviting. Talk to your agent, and don’t hold back suggesting times you think work best.

Style help

You might also consider hiring a stylist if you need to spruce up the space, but you don’t have the time and money to update your furnishings. Stylists can replace your belongings with hired furniture to give your place a make a quick and efficient makeover. There’s obviously a cost involved, but on a premium property, it can pay off in helping maximise your sale price. Talk to your agent and see what they recommend.