Sell with confidence and peace of mind.

Your home is your biggest asset. Knowing what it is worth will help you plan your financial future. If you decide to take the plunge and sell your property. Deep breath. We know this is a huge decision, financially and emotionally. The process should be stress-free, and the result should be top-dollar. That’s why it helps to have a team that understands that real estate is about people, and are dedicated to helping you with one of life’s biggest milestones.


Knowing what your property is worth can unlock options you might not know you have.

Information is power, and power means options. When you have a current market appraisal, you know what your property is worth in real terms, today. With that information, you might discover options you haven’t considered, such as unlocking equity to buy an investment property or allowing you to adjust your mortgage to get that new kitchen, swimming pool, or an extension for a growing family. Getting a market appraisal does not commit you to sell your property, but it goes a long way in helping you plan your financial future. 

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Knowing what your property is worth can unlock options you might not know you have.

A great first impression puts you in the running for a premium sale price.

There are no tricks of the trade when it comes to getting maximum value for your property. You need a plan, a proven sales process, and the best team marketing and negotiating on your behalf. But there are several factors in your control that go a long way, such as how your property is presented. Our years of experience and eye for detail can help you learn about the key aspects of presenting your property that will impact how quickly you sell, and the price you get. 

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A great first impression puts you in the running for a premium sale price.
Marketing matters

Make your property stand out from the crowd

If you want a premium price for your property, you need to get attention. More attention means more interest and more interest means more in your pocket. Good marketing pays off. Achieving a premium price for your property means combining the best in digital marketing, professional photography and knowing how to find and target the right buyers. With the right selling method for the right time, you’re in a winning position. 

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Make your property stand out from the crowd

Competition? We embrace it.

The decision to sell your property is massive, don’t rush in. It needs the right person working for you and could make you thousands of dollars on your sale. It’s best to interview three agents before committing to listing your property. Just make sure one of those is a Laurence Morgan agent. We say interview because the right agent for your property will have the experience, knowledge, and skills to make it an exciting event where you are in control. Get a real estate agent who puts your needs ahead of theirs, one that helps you maximise your sale price so you can comfortably move on to the next phase of your life.

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Competition? We embrace it.

Steps to consider when selling

  1. Know the numbers in your suburb: what has sold and for how much

    Start by researching your local market to see what has sold recently, what the trends are in terms of location, size, features and more to put your finger on the market pulse. Get the facts, know what has sold and compare those properties to yours. This will get you educated before meeting an agent, or agents.


    What has SOLD in your suburb?
  2. Get a market appraisal

    Planning your financial future starts with a realistic and current idea of what your biggest asset is worth. Even if you aren’t ready to sell, it pays to have that information. Ideally, get three market appraisals to get an accurate picture of your home's worth.

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  3. Choose the best real estate agent

    Now that you have three market appraisals, it's time to choose who gets your listing. Your real estate agent is your best ally in maximising your sales price, so you need to know their sales record, their process, fees, marketing strategy, negotiation skills, and above all, they need to listen and understand your property goals. We recommend interviewing three agents, including Laurence Morgan, to find the right fit.

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  4. An effective marketing plan means more money for you

    A key weapon in any real estate agent's arsenal is how they market your property. But not all marketing gets maximum exposure, so it pays to compare apples with apples. Understanding the difference between the marketing tools used by agents could make you tens of thousands of dollars on your sale.

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  5. Different ways to sell

    There is no cookie-cutter approach to selling because no two properties are the same. Market supply and buyer demand will help determine the method of sale best suited to you and your property. You will have the choice between auction, private treaty or expressions of interest, and whether you advertise with or without a price. 

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  6. Sold! Congratulations!

    You've accepted an offer and now all you have to do is start packing up the house. When the time comes, hand over the keys to your agent and move on to the next chapter of your life. Do you have somewhere to live? We can help with that too. 

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