Six moves you can make to boost your property’s sale price

For many people, fetching a stellar price for their property is reliant on the market or just a stroke of luck. 

Not so fast. While you can’t control the economy or the property market, there are several positive moves you can make that put you in a prime starting position to attract a premium price. 


This should be common sense but often details are overlooked that could detract from a positive first impression. Drive up to your house as if you’re seeing if for the first time and take note of what you see: is the garden neat and well presented? Are there any household objects or garden tools that need to be stored away? Are there any minor repairs needed? You want street appeal. You want people to pull up for an inspection and see a clean and tidy property that is waiting for its new owners.

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Your real estate agent

Your real estate agent is the person entrusted – yes, we’re using the word trust here – with helping you attract a premium price and guiding you through a pivotal milestone in your life. Without a doubt, they should be well trained, qualified, and professional. They should also be enthusiastic about property, particularly your property, and be able to back their claims with evidence, such as their recent sales, be transparent about their methods, and see you as a partner, not just another listing. 

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Targeted exposure

Your agent should be able to provide you with a marketing strategy that enables you to get in touch with precisely the type of buyer they anticipate will be ready to pay good money for your property. This is not a matter of covering bases: a sign out the front, listing on the usual real estate websites, posts on social media accounts. Ask them who they are targeting and how. In the world of digital marketing, broad exposure might seem impressive, but a more important metric is how many of those people who’ve seen your ads show up and are people ready to make an offer. 

Liveability, not lived in

To you, it’s a home. It has an imprint of your personality, your family history, memories, and how you have lived. The emphasis is on you, because we need to take you out of the picture. A potential buyer needs to see a relatively blank canvas onto which they can project their ideas, ideals, and aspirations. The photos and memorabilia might be homely for you, but the aim is to help a potential buyer see themselves in their new home. You can add to this list taking the pets away for the day, cleaning up clutter, and ensuring the property is at a comfortable temperature, and any smells are those like freshly baked bread or coffee to create a welcoming atmosphere.. 

Property reports

The process of buying a property is one of research, research, and more research. Make the job of the potential buyer easier by handing over an in-depth information brochure. It can include all the property features, inclusions, benefits to the new owner, as well as information such as building and pest reports, a strata report for units, and any other documents relevant to the property. Paying for these reports is a tiny fraction of your sales price but makes it so much easier to help the buyer move from interested, to keen as mustard. 

Full access to all areas of the property 

No secrets. No hidden or off-limits areas. Save unavoidable exceptions, people inspecting the property should be able to take a look in every nook and cranny. Even if you feel slightly uncomfortable about people poking about, they need to be reassured that no surprises are lurking somewhere. Believe it or not, buyers are often looking for reasons not to buy, because they don’t want to make a mistake on a massive investment. Access to all areas is how you remove any barriers to having them make a handsome offer.

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