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John O’Reilly

Introducing John, a remarkable real estate agent whose journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences that have shaped his business philosophy. With an unwavering commitment to transparency and dedication, John consistently secures premium prices for his clients. His approachability is matched only by his formidable knowledge, energy, and passion for fostering connections. John crafts friendships through his work, embodying fierce competition and profound respect.

John’s ability to deliver for his clients is grounded in his understanding of how business is about people. His insights into people and working across several industries enable him to see solutions others don’t and the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. His story starts with guiding tours across Europe, honing his communication skills. His career continues with the travel theme when he becomes the man a major national travel brand turns to when they need an underperforming franchise turned around.

His skills at seeing potential are turned to property, where he spends time buying and selling properties in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. He buys, renovates, and sells for profit until another opportunity comes knocking. Before long, John is running a highly regarded restaurant in Sydney, another venture highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit.

With a family on the way, John calls time on the Sydney commute and opens travel agencies in Woonona and Thirroul. As a business owner in the local area, John becomes a familiar face and is renowned for putting a smile on customer’s faces. Family circumstances, including raising two daughters, John turns his attention to real estate, and this chapter of his story tells his true calling with a thriving real estate business.

John’s diverse experience and skills are key to his success. He’s seen the different challenges small businesses face, and he’s walked in other people’s shoes in all sorts of situations. It brings to the fore 30 years of sales experience, local knowledge, and empathy for people going through the highs and lows of life.

Underpinning his appetite for business success is his family ethos. John is a devoted father to two remarkable daughters. With a heart on his sleeve and a penchant for candidness, John thrives in his dream role of negotiating sales outcomes that empower people to live their dreams. With John, you’re not just buying or selling – you’re crafting your story. Equipped through all that he has experienced, make him the perfect agent to represent you in selling your property.


I thrive on the excitement of competition, whether that's racing on the track or sitting at the negotiating table. I am willing to take an educated risk to win. I am a fierce competitor with unwavering determination and commitment to excellence. Setting new standards in real estate is my passion, driving me to exceed expectations consistently and secure top-tier results in every transaction.


My core values revolve around my family and being an all-round good human. This value extends beyond my personal life, and I treat my clients like an extended family, offering them unwavering support, guidance, and personalised service. I like to forge deep connections based on personal care and empathy. Guided by a dedication to their best interests, I ensure each step of the real estate journey is supported.


My unquenchable passion for real estate infuses every interaction with authenticity and fervour. I transform transactions into transformative journeys by sharing my extensive knowledge and my world of experiences. With a genuine zeal for the industry, I embody the essence of turning dreams into realities, inspiring all who join me on this exhilarating journey. I truly mean it when I vow to leave no stone unturned to deliver great results.

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